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Don’t Knock It…

So much want.

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We believe.


Valentines 2012

Ah! I seriously want a custom Lush bracelet/necklace/something from Arts&Candies so badly — their jewelry is so cool! If I got one I would wear it at work all the time…

Didn't know there's actually a Lush wiki! ›

For those who don’t already know, the Lush Wiki is an AWESOME source for information about discontinued products. It has pretty much every product ever made listed there, often with pictures and information. So cool!

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The only two soaps in this picture that are not discontinued are Sea Veg and Rockstar (and soon, demon in the dark will be gone :( ) 

I tried Milky Bar once, and the one I tried was made by Mariah in a mini each-peach mold! 

Love Milky Bar!

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Mmm… Sea Vegetable soap!

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Three cheers for my biggest haul ever!

Welcome to my own little Lush planet:

Northern Hemisphere (top row) courtesy of Bird from her own stash <3 (L to R): Freedom Foamer bubble bar, Dorothy bubble bar, Twilight bath bomb, Sexy Peel soap, So White bath bomb, Satsumo Santa bath bomb, Dragon’s Egg bath bomb (x2), and Sunny Side bubble bar.

Equator (middle row) were my own purchases: Pink bath bomb, Happy Blooming bath melt, Sugar Babe sugar scrub (x2), Sakura bath bomb, Mrs. Whippy bath bomb, Space Girl bath bomb, King of the Mods, samples of Charlotte Island lotion and A Ring of Roses Buttercream, Rock Star Soap, Seanik solid shampoo (& tin), and Ultimate Shine solid shampoo.

First half of the Southern Hemisphere (bottom row) courtesy of Sarah <3: Freedom Foamer bubble bar, Schnuggle body butter (& tin!), The Wuss bubble bar, and Cosmic Dreamcatcher massage bar.

Second half of the bottom row where just a few things to add to my mom’s birthday gift: Grass shower gel, Ceridwen’s Cauldron bath melt, and Fizzbanger bath bomb.

I also bought a small amount of Angels on Bare Skin cleanser to try out, but it didn’t make it in the photo.

To Bird and Sarah: Thanks again girls for such lovely things! I had a blast with both of you this weekend and I miss you guys already! <3 :)

Holy crap, now that’s a haul!

Lush News… it’s snake jumpin!

That was my attempt at a catchy and related title. Now on to the news…

I’ve heard from an insider that the Jumping Juniper solid shampoo and the Snake Oil scalp treatment bar will be in stores (instead of just online) probably sometime in August!!!

Jumping Juniper smells of gin and tonic, and it’s great for dry hair! It’s made with lavender and rosemary, as well as juniper berry and lime (which supposedly smell great!) that “decongest the scalp” according to the Lush website. The reviews I’ve read on this solid shampoo bar have been pretty good, and I’m excited to try it! I will most probably be purchasing once it’s in stores!

The Snake Oil scalp treatment bar is for treating dandruff. The Lush website says, “Melt the bar into your fingertips and massage it into your scalp. Lavender, tea tree and peppermint essential oils kill offensive dandruff-causing microbes, soothe your scalp and get it on the path to health. Use regularly until you have shed yourself of dandruff.” Sounds good to me! I don’t struggle with dandruff too much, but have been known to get flaky sometimes in the winter. Typically a couple days of using Head and Shoulders will do, but as you all know I’d rather use a Lush product! :)


So what do you guys think? Will you be checking out either of these products?