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Lush News: Rose Campaign!

Today, Lush NA launched it’s new campaign that highlights all of the lovely products with rose as a main ingredient! I’m personally thrilled — rose is my #1 favorite ingredient in Lush products!!

The main focus is Ro’s Argan body conditioner, which for a limited time will be available in smaller 1.5 oz pots for $5.95! It’s a great way to try the delicious in-shower body moisturizer/softener if you haven’t already!

Other campaign features include: Turkish delight shower smoothie, Rose Queen bath bomb, Rose Jam bubbleroon, Tisty Tosty bath bomb, Chou Chou… I Love You toothy tabs, Imogen Rose perfume, and A Million Kisses lip tint.


LUSH IS COMING TO MAINE. I’m so excited I might pee myself.

Portland will be Maine’s first store!! :D


Stop into your local #LUSH shop and sign the petition today! (Taken with instagram)

New ethical campain!! :)

Lush News: NA Chat Party Announced!

The date for the spring NA Chat Party has been released on the forum! It’ll be on Thursday, April 12th, from 2pm-9pm PST!

Limited Edition products (while supplies last):
- Hot Java bath bomb - $5.95
- Absolute Delight bath bomb- $6.95
- Rainbow Warrior bath bomb- $6.25
- Silver Cloud bath bomb- $5.95
- Psychodelic bubble bar - $5.95
- Christmas Kisses bubble bar- $5.95
- Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar- $5.95
- Narcotik shower gel (250ml/8.8 fl. Oz) – $14.95
- Blue Skies shower gel (250ml/8.8 fl. Oz) – $14.95
- Something Wicked bath melt - $5.95

Along with the limited edition products, five new Retro products will be released online! For those unaware, “Retro” products are those that have been discontinued from stores and have been brought back with online-only availability due to popular demand. :)

New Retro products:
- Uluru bath bomb - $5.95
- Hot Milk? bubble bar - $5.95
- Party On shower jelly - $8.95
- Nutts massage bar - $7.95
- Canadian Maple Soap - $7.95

So good! Who’s excited?!!? Would anyone be interested in a post with pictures/descriptions of the LE/Retro products like I did last time?

Lush News: ‘Some Like it Rough’ campaign in NA!

The newest campaign to hit Lush NA stores is called, ‘Some Like it Rough’ — cheeky! :) 

The main focus of the campaign is to make more customers aware of how amazing exfoliation is for your skin — even if you’re sensitive — and showcase all of Lush’s sloughing products!

Ocean Salt is popularly known as Lush’s harsh exfoliant featuring fine and coarse sea salt that is super cleansing and refreshing for the skin. It’s my favorite exfoliant for the body, and it makes a great facial cleanser too. Products like Angels on Bare Skin and Herbalism feature a slightly less abrasive exfoliating ingredient that can be handled by sensitive skin, ground almonds! My skin on my face is really sensitive, so I tend to turn to AOBS to scrub the dead skin off of my face!

Products like Buffy, Sugar Scrub, Dark Angels, and Rub Rub Rub  (and so many more!) feature some of Lush’s finest exfoliating ingredients at their best — which are your favorite Lush products for sloughing the dead skin off of your face and body?!

*2000th post! Who’s been following from the beginning? ;)

It’s official, I love The Guv’ner deodorant!

I admit, up until this point I still hadn’t made the switch over to natural deodorant from Lush — and deodorant was one of the only skin/hair/body products that I wasn’t Lush exclusive for. I do sweat a fair amount, and I had struggled with not having an anti-perspirant deodorant.

For those unaware, Lush deodorants (and natural deodorants in general) differ from many drugstore deodorants because they do not contain aluminum. Aluminium is the sweat blocker most commonly found in anti-perspirant deodorants — and obviously, clogging your pores with metal isn’t a great practice.

I tried Aromarant deodorant (now discontinued) from Lush last summer, and especially since I sweat more in the warmer months (like most people, I’m sure), I found it didn’t give me enough coverage absorption or scentwise, so I went back to my drugstore deodorant.

Because it’s wintertime here now and I’m sweating less, my coworker suggested that was a better time to try a natural deo again if I was interested in switching. Lucky me! The Guv’ner just arrived in my store, and I grabbed it the first day it was on shelves to give it a go! I LOVE it!!

This brand new powder deodorant from Lush is based on the highly absorbing powder formula of The Greeench deodorant. The Guv’ner is formulated with charcoal for uber sweat absorption, plus patchouli and sage as cooling astringents — whoa! Charcoal is obviously black colored known for leaving residue behind, but hasn’t stained or settled on any of my clothes so far! I’ve only tested it for about a week, but Mark Constantine himself says he wore it under white shirts for 3 months with no staining issues. Time will tell if it continues to live up to the “no staining” description, but I have high hopes!

A powder deodorant can seem a little tricky to apply, but I’ve found it’s pretty simple if I just sprinkle a bit into my palm and apply it to my underarms. No need to try to aim the spout where you want it to go — that’s much more difficult and unnecessary!

Not only has it been working just as well as my old drugstore deo that contained aluminum, I love the smell of The Guv’ner! To me, it’s a combination between Dark Angels and Grass shower gel… yummy! I like a fresh scent for my deodorant, and The Guv’ner satisfies that for me more than any of the other deodorants that Lush current carries. I’m a huge fan already!

The Guv’ner powder deodorant was released in the UK a while back, and it’s finally made it’s way to NA! It’s still not available online, but my store got it’s first shipment last week and I assume other stores have gotten theirs or will be getting it soon. I don’t have an ETA for online availability in NA for you, but call or Facebook your local store! To read more about it or order in the UK, click here.


I’m pretty excited for this weekend. My local Lush if having a Valentine’s Day event and I rsvp’d just in time to receive a free goodie bag. I took a look over their Valentine’s exclusive products and the one’s above I’m assuming are going to be given away. I also might grab a soap or two while I’m there.

All Lush stores in NA are having their Valentine’s Day party on Saturday, and if I’m not mistaken, a Lots of Love hat box (LE wrapped gift, valued at $49.95) will be given away at every party! Definitely head to your local Lush’s Facebook page or reach out to them via phone or email for more specific details! :)

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Lush News: Valentine’s Day 2012 Products!

…the Limited Edition Valentine’s Day products are available online in the UK! We should be hearing very soon about the release dates for North America. Patience, grasshoppers!

They look pretty fantastic:

Leap Frog bath bomb — you may remember this fella’ as Frog Prince from last year… he’s back, but with a new name to celebrate the 2012 Leap Year! The cool thing about this one is that the big red lips are actually bath melt, so he’ll fizz away but also be a bit moisturizing!

Love Potion massage bar — this is the product I personally am most excited about! Anyone that has sniffed and adored Love perfume (exclusive online) like I have, you’ll freak out about this one… a Love scented massage bar! If you’re unfamiliar with the scent, it’s similar to the Fizzbanger bath bomb. The little bottle mold is so cute too. I’m dying to get this!

Magic Mushroom bubble bar — another returning product this year! I was a huge fan of this last year, and I’m glad it’s returned. The bottom smells like the Vanillary scent, and the top smells like strawberries! So freaking cute!

Sweetheart soap — I’ll admit, I was more than a little saddened when I found out that my beloved Love Birds soap from last year wasn’t returning in the lineup. However, this one sounds pretty promising! A jasmine, mandarin, and vanilla scent… I’m anxious to sniff this one! It’s really pretty, and it looks like it’ll be a fairly creamy soap.

A Million Kisses lip tint — after the huge success of the holiday lip tints, I’m not surprised they’ve brought this one out now too! It’s said to be more of a ruby red color than It Started With a Kiss lip tint, and even better… it’s moisturizing too! I’m imagining this to be of similar consistency to the Snow Fairy lip tint, which I’m a huge fan of. I’m excited about this one and can’t wait to see what it looks like on my lips!

Chou Chou I Love You toothy tabs — these LE toothy tabs are rose flavored! Perfect for V-day! You all know that rose is my favorite ingredient to use on my skin, and I’ll be interested to see if it becomes a favorite for the mouth too.

25:43 Gorilla perfume — I am SO excited about this! This “fresh and citrusy with floral kisses” scented perfume was originally made for Simon’s now wife for their wedding day! It’s named after the amount of time it took Mark Constantine to make it. The scent description sounds amazing, and I’m fairly sure (and hoping) that it will smell as amazing as it sounds on me! As far as I know, only the sampler size, 10ml, and 30ml bottles are being released… no solid!

That’s all of the individual products! There are also three LE wrapped gifts featuring V-Day themed products with adorable wrapping. There’s also a cute little Love Bug knot-wrap available too… similar to the Penguin/Pudding from this holiday in that it fits one small product like a bath bomb.

So what do you you all think? Loving the products?

Limited Edition Red Dragon soap!!

A soap in a dragon mold with the Karma scent! Cool! I’m fairly certain this is an online-only special to celebrate the Chinese New Year, but I could be wrong! If you like the Karma scent, you’ll like this! ;)

Lush NA Perfume Round/Chat Party!

A few days ago it was announced on the NA forum that Lush NA was hosting a perfume round similar to the one that took place in the UK not too long ago. There’s a chat party too! :)

Starting tomorrow (Friday December 16th) at 10am PST, the following limited edition perfumes will be available for ordering:

  • American Cream $49.95
  • Olive Branch $29.95
  • Rose Jam $39.95
  • Silky Underwear $29.95
  • Snowshowers $29.95
  • Twilight $49.95
  • Yuzu & Cocoa $39.95

The perfumes are not being made to order, so quantities are limited and are ‘while supplies last.’ Assuming that they don’t run out of any perfumes, they will all be available to be ordered until Monday December 19th.

If you are considering ordering a perfume, I’d advise you to get the one you want while you can once they go on sale! According to Cindy (NA forum admin), there are only between 1000 and 1300 bottles of each perfume to go around… that’s a lot of perfume, but there are a lot of Lushies!

Chat party lovers… you’re in luck! There will also be a chat party tomorrow (12/16) from 2pm to 9pm PST. The staff will be in the chat from 3pm to 6, and as usual there will be trivia and contests to win prizes. Even if you aren’t ordering any perfumes, come chat! I’m working until 6pm PST (9pm EST for all you fellow east coasters!) So I’ll be quite late to the chat, but I’ll definitely try to check it out and see if anyone is still hanging around.

*If you don’t know what a chat party is, head to the FAQ or read about it here.

I received Twilight and Rose Jam perfumes from the UK perfume round and I’m in love with both of them! If you like either of those scents, I highly recommend investing in the perfume. I had a chance to sniff both American Cream as well as Yuzu and Cocoa perfumes, and they’re fantastic too. 

See some of you in the chat tomorrow… hopefully? :)

So, with the Black Friday 14 product launch just days away for NA, I thought some might enjoy a little overview of the new products!

The products that are launching are the “secret” ones from the UK that were launched a few months back. I’ve had a chance to check most of them out, and I thought I’d do a mini write-up about each so that you have something to go on when you’re shopping!

Let’s get started!



These new bubble bars are like normal bubble bars on steroids. They’re super creamy and have a really soft texture and loads of shea butter. If you look closely, there’s “icing” in the middle holding the two parts together. They look like little macaroons!

Yuzu and Cocoa is a very tropical scent — there’s no other like this at Lush! You can definitely smell the coconut oil, and since it’s combined with the citrus oils it smells almost like a very exquisite Carribean drink. This particular bubbleroon was inspired by the Japanese tradition of bathing with yuzu fruit at the winter solstice. This is a totally unique scent in a new scent family for Lush, and I’ll be excited to see if they use it in any other products in the future!

The Green bubbleroon is another new scent to Lush! Lush claims they tried to embody “summer” in this scent, and I think they got it right! It’s a very clean and fresh scent. It has a lot of citrus oils, but smells more like fresh cut grass and citrus combined. Hard to describe. Definitely check this one out if you like the more refreshing and less sweet scents.

Rose Jam is my particular favorite. Again, an entirely new scent for Lush, made by Simon! It was inspired by his yearly trips to Turkey while eating rose jam during the rose harvest. The scent is different from Turkish Delight or any other current rose products at Lush, and I LOVE IT. You all know rose is my favorite ingredient (see this post), so I was really excited to hear about this product. It smells AMAZING in person, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one and use it in the bath!


Phoenix Rising was inspired by the metaphor of a phoenix rising from the ashes — just as Lush UK did after their website was hacked. They started over again, and Phoenix Rising is their tribute to that. It’s a very spicy bath, for those of you who are a fan of those! It’s very cinnamon-y, and a gorgeous purple color. The inside is filled with a beautiful green lustre, and sinks all the way to the bottom of the bath until it starts to crack — “rising” in your tub! I actually used one of these in the bath the other day, and it was AMAZING. I loved the color of the bath, and the spicy scent made for a very calming and warming bath. Definitely a new go-to!

Rose Queen is a bit more simple than Phoenix Rising. It’s a very floral rose scent, but also has touches of geranium, apple blossom, and a little tiger lily. It was inspired by an event that Mark and Mo attended where they crowned the local “rose queen” — they felt they should make a bath bomb to remember the event by! Again, rose = Julia’s favorite ingredient. You can’t go wrong!


Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner has the same beautiful scent as the Rose Jam bubbleroon. Product inventor Rowena was inspired by the soft feeling after you condition your hair — she wanted that same feeling on your body! Similar to a hair conditioner, you rub this on in the shower and then rinse it off before getting out and toweling dry. Ingredients include: “argan oil, cocoa butter, cupuaçu butter, brazil nut oil, almond oil, fair trade shea butter, and goji berry juice” — basically, every softening, soothing ingredient on the planet! I’m SO excited for this product. It’ll probably be one of the first ones I buy this Friday!


Friends with Benefits is another new scent at Lush. Made by Mark, this marigold and chocolate scented massage bar is chock full of the very cocoa scented fair trade organic cocoa butter, as well as shea butters! The tagetes oil (the marigold) is antimicrobial and and antifungal, which helps keep skin healthy. :)

Peace is based on the Lush Spa’s Synethesia treatment, and is a response to the 2011 UK riots. This product is the first to include a cocoa butter sourced from an inspirational peaceful community in Colombia. Another ingredient included is fair trade olive oil from Israel, from a group of people who “reach across the racial divide.” Filled with very peaceful ingredients, this massage bar is sure to calm.


Lush has finally brought out a dry shampoo! No Drought was actual a customer-made product — a woman named Lisa made it on a visit to the factory. It has a nice citrus scent, not only does it conceal greasy-ness, it actually cleanses! The lemon in it is enzymically cleansing, and the powders absorb grease. I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but it’s one at the top of my list. Lush has helped create a real sense of enjoyment from washing my hair in the shower, but this will be nice to have on the occasional lazy days, and especially in the summer when my hair is a bit more oily in general. Very cool!


Dirty and Lust soaps are fragranced just like the Dirty line of products and the Lust perfume. Mo thought since Lust was such a popular fragrance, a soap was worthy of sporting the scent, and who wouldn’t like a Dirty soap?


Moon and Sun and Dream Steam are the new type of toner tab. Moon and Sun has a lot of soothing lavender in it, as well as neroli oil as a mood uplifter. Dream Steam has a similar blend of oils to Dream Cream lotion — tea tree, rose, chamomile, and lavender. I can imagine Dream Steam becoming my new go-to tab for steaming… I think it’ll be great for irritated, red skin like mine!

Latte lip tint is a tint and balm combined. It’s got a sweet coffee flavor, and has a more nude color than the brown Double Choc lip tint. I’m excited about this one!


What do you think? Will you NAers be heading to your shops this Black Friday? What do our fellow UKers have to say about the new products?


So, if you haven’t heard already, Lush NA has placed 50,000 golden tickets in 50,000 different hand-wrapped gifts! 


If you purchase a wrapped gift and find a golden ticket (or are gifted one and find one!) make sure to scratch it to get the claim code and enter it online — you can win one of these amazing prizes:

$500 LUSH Retro product vouchers • 5 Prizes (Value $500)

$250 LUSH Retro product vouchers • 10 Prizes (Value $250)
$150 LUSH Retro product vouchers • 10 Prizes (Value $150)
$100 LUSH Retro product vouchers • 20 Prizes (Value $100)
$50 LUSH Retro product vouchers • 20 Prizes (Value $50)
$500 LUSH Gift Card • 5 Prizes (Value $500)
$250 LUSH Gift Card • 10 Prizes (Value $250)
$150 LUSH Gift Card • 10 Prizes (Value $150)
$100 LUSH Gift Card • 20 Prizes (Value $100)
$50 LUSH Gift Card • 65 Prizes (Value $50)
$25 LUSH Gift Card • 40 Prizes (Value $25)
$250 of Gorilla Perfume Vouchers • 5 Prizes (Value $250)
$150 of Gorilla Perfume Vouchers • 10 Prizes (Value $150)
$100 of Gorilla Perfume Vouchers • 20 Prizes (Value $100)
$50 of Gorilla Perfume Vouchers • 20 Prizes (Value $50)
LUSH Legends gift • 20 Prizes (Retail Value $199.95)
Tickled Pink gift • 20 Prizes (Retail Value $89.95)
Art of Bathing gift • 20 Prizes (Retail Value $79.95)
$500 donation to a charity of your choice**** • 10 Prizes (Value $500)
$250 donation to a charity of your choice**** • 10 Prizes (Value $250)
LUSH Skin Care products for a year • 20 Prizes (Maximum Value $500)
LUSH Hair Care for a year • 20 Prizes (Maximum Value $500)
Exclusive Release product boxes for a year • 30 Prizes (Maximum Value $500)
Feature in the LUSH Times • 5 Prizes (Maximum Value $250)***
A year’s supply of your favorite product • 30 Prizes (Maximum Value $500)
A private party at your local LUSH shop for 8 • 25 Prizes (Approximate value $250)
A visit to a local Charity Pot partner • 10 Prizes (Approximate value $250)****




Oh, my, gosh! I’m so jealous of everyone able to enter! Employees of Lush are unable to win, but that gives all of you as customers 50,000 CHANCES TO WIN. If you don’t instantly win a prize (listed above) with your golden ticket, you’re entered to win 1 of 5 gift cards valued at $500 to Lush!

I don’t know about you guys, but for me this would be a huge incentive to buy my products in a wrapped gift. Even if you only like 5 out of 6 products in a gift, you can easily gift the one you don’t like to someone else and still get a chance at a Golden Ticket! 

For more information on the Lush website about the Golden Tickets, check it out here!